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Ariel Burge

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I began my research with the intent of finding a way for student choreographers in university dance programs to become more involved in their peers work. In addition I hoped to find a teaching model that would provide the experience of peer collaboration. I found in my own training that I wanted to have more interaction with my peers through working creative relationships. I felt that choreography classes were the ideal place to implement a working collaborative experience. Through my research I discovered the concept of dance dramaturgy. I realized that choreography students engaging in the practice of dramaturgical thinking could gain access to multiple perspectives when viewing and creating choreography. The action of dramaturgical thinking therefore could potentially become the means to collaborate with peer work enhancing the choreographic experience and real working relationships between peers.

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Theatre & Dance

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Jewell, Donna

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Conde Reche, Vladimir

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Santos Newhall, Mary Anne

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Encinias-Sandoval, Eva

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Gandert, Miguel

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Chazin-Bennahum, Judith

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Jewell, Donna




Choreography; Dance; Collaboration; Dramaturgy; Dance Dramaturgy; Dramaturgical Thinking; Pedagogy; Dance Pedagogy; Choreography Pedagogy; Collaborative Choreography; Collaborative; Teaching

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