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Introduction. In the study here presented an attempt has been made to gather as many decimas as possible in one source so that they will be easily accessible for future reference and study and to give a few pertinent remarks concerning them.

The material presented in appendix 1 does not represent all of the decimas known in New Mexico, but is probably sufficient in quantity to ensure a sample of all types. Last attempts to obtain additional material resulted in securing only duplicates of decimals already at hand. However there is doubtless other material to be had in remote sections.

Source of materials. All of the decimals were collected either by copying old manuscripts, such as one kindly loaned by Mary Austin, or by taking them down during a recital by some patriarch who knew them by memory and recited them by the light of the moon or campfire. There has been no attempts at corrections except in cases of gross misspelling or obvious errors. They stand as they were recited or written. To correct for metre and rhyme scheme and restore the integrity of incomplete decimas would be an interesting study.

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