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Richard L. Wood

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On May 2, 2000, three thousand people converged on the State Capitol in Sacramento, California. But this was not the usual frenzy of lobbyists serving the interests of the well-off, using the tools of well-oiled political action committees. Rather, these were working poor, working class, and lower-middle income people lately referred to as working families and they went to Sacramento because they were tired of living on the verge of financial ruin or physical debility. Attendees were demanding adequate health coverage for people left out by current health care arrangements and they were angry about that, at a time when remarkable wealth was being accumulated all around them and California was running a $10 billion budget surplus.'


Cambridge University Press

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Richard Wood. Religion, Faith-Based Community Organizing, and the Struggle for Justice. In Cambridge Handbook of the Sociology of Religion, Cambridge University Press, 2003'

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religious communities, community organizing