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Zuni High School Graduation Class of 97; Tribal Update on Activities and Projects; Letter to the Community from a Girl Scout Troop Leader; The Committee for Better Constitutional Government; Protect Pedestrians, Bycyclists, and Pets at Route 53. Balckrock; Farewell to Seven St. Anthony's Teachers; A:shiwi Kids Get a Veiw from the Top, Mesa Verde National Park; Zuni Faces Poem; Introducing New Messenger Interns; Ojo Caliente Irrigation Unit Meeting; Paper and Pen, A Few Words of Inspiration for the ZHS graduates; Tsikewa Responds to Shack, response to the statement from Ex-Lieutenant Governor Bobby R. Shack published on May 30, 1997; Body Count, story from United States Marine Corps Retiree; Lupee Receives SIPI Honorable Mention; Mel's Sports Corner; Zuni Is Beautiful Poem; Fifth Grade Awards

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The Shiwi Messenger


Zuni; Zuni Pueblo; Zuni News; Zuni High School Graduation 1997; Zuni Tribal Council; Zuni Constitution; Tribal Consitution; Interior Office of Surface Mining; New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division; Zuni Salt Lake; Fence Lake Coal Permit; NM Mining Commission; Zuni School District; Girl Scouts; Zuni Police Department; PHS Hospital; St. Anthony's Indian School; Mesa Verde National Park; Anasazi Heritage Center; Ojo Caliente; Zuni Conservations Project; Zuni Conservations Project Geographic Information Systems office; Twin Buttes High School; Zun High School; Single Audit Act; Bureau of Indian Affairs; Office of Special Trustee; Zuni-Blackrock Airport; Division of the NM Department of Transportation; BIA-Zuni Agency; United States Marine Corps; Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute; KSHI

The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 03, No. 12 (1997)