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Center Pieces: News from the A:shiwi Center; Zuni and Laguna Work Together on Dam Project; Hunting Guide Training; Letter From CARE to the Zuni Board of Education; Fire Training at A:shiwi and DY Elementary; "Young Authors" Returns to Zuni; Global Art Project Goes on Exhibit; Be Thankful and Appreciative; Paper and Pen, April Fool's Day Poem; I'd Do It All Again With You poem; Squirrel Haunts Blackrock; ZPSD 97-98 SY Calender; Spring Planting, story on how planting is done; Enviornmental Health; Messenger to Host Third Annual Summer Intern Program; Something For the Reader, a Zuni story about two boys and the Lady Atoshle; Thank you to the Class of 1999; Ten Ways to Include Exercise Into Your Daily Life; Mel's Sports Corner;

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The Shiwi Messenger


Zuni; Zuni Pueblo; Zuni News; Pueblo of Zuni; Zuni Tribe; A:shiwi Center; A:shiwi Museum Center; Preserving Traditions Through Sharing Program; Blackrock Dam; Blackrock Dam Reconstruction; Nutria; Laguna Construction Company; Zuni Reservation; Zuni Fish and Wildlife Department; Zuni Board of Education; ZPSD Superintendent; Zuni High School; C.A.R.E; Zuni A:shiwi Publishing; Global Indigenous Art Project; Pueblo of Zuni Arts & Crafts Center; Save the Children Federation; Zuni BIA Agency; Zuni Fire fighers; Basic Firefighter training; Alex Seowtewa; McCune Charitable Foundation; USS Zuni (AFT-95);

The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 03, No. 07 (1997)