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This issue was written by the youth of Zuni. The Messenger could not fit all of the work that was submitted by youth into this issue but will include youth work in future issues as space allows; The Night I Was Brought To Hell; The Joy Luck Club: A Book Review; The Girl Who Took Care of Turkeys; The Lighter Side of Kilroy; Thanksgiving Editorial; Creature; The Great Flood; Great Council of Men and Beings; A Zuni Story: "The Big Flood"; Great Council of Men and Beings; The Shumeekuli; Facts of Zuni Culture; The Girl Who Took Care of the Turkeys; Dowa Yalanne Elementary School; "When The Rooser Calls Again"; "If The Cat Calls Again"; The Boy and the Deer; Book Review: Richard Wright's Black Boy; The Immigrant Survey; Greatness; Someone So Special (Mom); That Was Then, This Is Now, Book Review; If the Monkey Calls Again; A:Shiwi Elementary School Indigenous Global Art Project; My Family

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Zuni; Zuni Pueblo; Zuni News; story contest; The Joy Luck Club; Phil Hughte; Zuni Mountain; Zuni Story; Zuni Culture; Dowa Yalanne Elementary School; Twin Buttes High School; That Was Then, This Is Now; A:Shiwi Elementary School; Solid Waste Management; Toys for Tots; KSHI Radio Station

The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 02, No. 26 (1996)