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Center Pieces: News From the A:shiwi Center, preparing for the coming new year by remembering some of the highlights of Zuni; Searching for the Positive-- and Finding it in Zuni; As The Hospital Turns, Zuni IHS Hospital often hosts visiting medical students and residents; The Lighter Side of Kilroy; Open Letter to the Zuni Community, regarding dogs; A Lost Friend, story; The Summer of Fire, story about Yellowstone; A View of Firefighting, story about a woman in the Zuni Southwest Firefighters; Thoughts and Advice on Zuni Soap Box Racing; The Moving of Salt Lake; Healing the Ugly Memory, story about sexual assault; Zuni Diabetes Program, received special funding from the Indian Health Service to help combat the epidemic of diabetes in Zuni

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The Shiwi Messenger Staff


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The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 02, No. 25 (1996)