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Local Business Leaders Seek Justification for Tax Increase; Center Pieces: News from the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center regarding the support of education and learning in Zuni; Pueblo of Zuni Gross Receipts Tax Rate Increases; The Shiwi Messenger to Sponsor Zuni Community Meeting regarding values, and express hopes and visions for Zuni's future; The Lighter Side of Kilroy; Zun Recovery Center Set to Aid Compulsive Gamblers; Don't Cut That Snag!- the Zuni Fish and Wildlife Department about wildlife and dead trees; Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise- story written anonymously by a high school student in Zuni

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Twin Buttes High School


Zuni; Zuni Pueblo; Zuni News; MyPlace Café; Tribal Council; A:Shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center; Zuni Christian Reformed Mission; Zuni High School; Dowa Yalanne Elementary; Zuni Middle School; Twin buttes High School; Zuni Business License and Tax Code; Zuni Community Meeting; Gambling; Zuni Fish and Wildlife Department; Zuni Diabetes Prevention Project; Zuni Youth; St. Anthony's School; Zuni Wellness Center; Zuni Hospital; Zuni Traditional Childbirth Class

The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 01, No. 22 (1995)