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"Keeping Our Traditions by Making Positve Choices"; Contestants for Miss Zuni/Jr. Miss Zuni Prepare for Pageant; Major Market: One Example of Economic Success in Zuni; Candidates for Zuni Leadership Speak Out at Political Forum; Teen Pregnancy from a Teenager's Point of View; Fights for Indian Rights leads to War; Restaurant Review: Hungry for some good food? Eat at Jerry's; Words of Wisdom from Rita Edaakie; Curfew: Who is Responsible?; Paper and Pen: Is the Zuni Language Disappearing?; Student Dress Code; Zuni Soccer is Here; President Clinton Names Montie R. Deer as Chair of the National Indian Gaming Commission; No Space For Planting? Try the Community Gardens!; D.W.I Arrest on the Zuni Rez: the Consequences; Stella Walema Represents Talking Leaves Job Corps; Zuni Personnel Learn to Respond to Enviornmental Hazards;

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The Shiwi Messenger


Zuni; Zuni Pueblo; Zuni News; Miss Zuni; Junior Miss Zuni; Major Market; Zuni Tribal Council; Zapatistas; Zapatistas Army of National Liberation; Jerry's Café; Zuni Tribal Code 4-4-123; Zuni language; Zuni Public School District; Zuni Police Department; Gallup Soccer League; National Indian Gaming Commission; Zuni Community Gardens; Zuni Entrepreneurial Enterprises, inc.; Zuni Recovery Center; Zuni EMS; Zuni Fire Department; Zuni High School;

The Shiwi Messenger, Vol. 04, No. 27 (1998)