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As part of the Higher Education Department's (HED's) effort to develop a funding formula that incorporates educational outputs and outcomes, the leaders and staff of New Mexico public postsecondary institutions and of legislative and executive branch agencies have participated in working groups and committees of the Higher Education Funding Task Force (Task Force). The Strawman Group was established early in the effort to develop a general framework for the new formula. The Strawman Group persisted as a subset of representatives of the three sectors of higher education and met weekly to review and approve or recommend changes to formula elements as they evolved. The final recommendations of the Strawman Group at each phase of formula development were presented to and approved by the full Task Force. In July, the Strawman Group approved creation of a Finance Committee (Committee) that was tasked to develop a model for connecting funding to outcome measures. The Committee's mandate was expanded to allow its members to refine data definitions of outcome measures.


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