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Based on my early introductions, review of the current strategic plan, initial transition, and meetings with a variety of University constituents, I wish to share with you some thoughts on where the University of New Mexico is currently positioned, and where, together, we will direct this institution during my tenure as University President. In addition to this brief history and vision of UNM, I would also like to share with you some thoughts on how I think we can achieve our goals, and what I can contribute to help us reach them. What follows is a diagram that provides a framework for our plan of action while building upon the plan we already have in place. This framework depicts the various resources and activities that must be connected and aligned in order to make steady progress on our goals. The development of this strategic framework involved the members of my Executive Cabinet consisting of the Executive Vice Presidents and the Vice Presidents. Thus, preparation of the document became a useful executive leadership development tool. As a leadership team, all of us are deeply committed to the planning, implementation, and execution of the necessary steps required to advance UNM to national prominence. I invite each of you to reach deep into the future of what is, and will continue to be, the premier institution of higher learning in New Mexico.


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