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The Presidents Strategic Advisory Team (PSAT) was initially established by President David Schmidly in February of 2010. At the time, the University of New Mexico was in the midst of a funding crisis driven by the economic meltdown that had begun in late 2008. UNM had already endured several rescissions and reductions of state funding, and was bracing for the next wave of cuts. PSAT's charge was as follows: To design and evaluate possible scenario models for cost containment, process improvement, and an evolved organizational structure for UNM that will accomplish the following: Provide the greatest levels of efficiency, communications, and accountability within operational processes, both in academic and administrative areas; Optimize UNM's ability to carry forth its mission and abide by its core values; Create tangible savings; and Aspire to create a model organizational structure for the modern public research university in the post-economic meltdown world of the 21st century.'


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