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A transfer design was utilized to test differential predictions, derived from a one-process contiguity model and a two-process organizational model, concerning what is learned in the free recall situation under conditions of constant input order, in which the serial order of the list items remains the same for each presentation, and varied input order, in which the order is rescrambled for each presentation. Half of the subjects received constant input during training and half varied. In the test phase, half of the subjects in each of these two groups continued under the same condition received during training, while the other half were shifted to the complementary condition. Subjects shifted from constant to varied input showed negative trans­fer for both recall and output consistency, while the other three groups showed positive transfer for both measures. These results were interpreted as evidence for differences in what is learned under constant and varied input, and as support for the organizational model. The results were related to studies of the effects of constant and varied spatial groupings on coding processes.

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