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The purpose of this study is two-fold:

1. To determine relationships between academic success of students in the College of Engineering, University of New Mexico, and their standing in certain entrance examinations; and

2. To recommend cutting scores on the various tests which might be set as standards for admittance to the College of Engineering.

For the purpose of this study, no correlations were drawn between scores on these entrance examinations and grade point averages for university work. The criterion for validity for these tests in this case was not grade point averages, but simply the "succeed-fail" differential. Since a "C" (1 point) average is required for graduation, this is the point at which the "succeed-fail" cut score was set, averages above this poitn being counted as "success", and averages below being counted as "fail." The College of Engineering is not primarily interested in predicting the relative standing of the students, but in differentiating between those who have the ability to succeed in graduating, and those who do not. Therefore the analysis of the data in this study has been restricted to various aspects of measuring ability to succeed, by means of these tests.

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