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On Compensation: I have received much feedback about the faculty and staff compensation strategies offered by the Board of Regents (BOR). The approved compensation increases were a 3 percent-on-average compensation pool for faculty, and a 1 percent increase to staff compensation with an additional one-time supplemental income adjustment of $1000. Let me first state, on my behalf and on behalf of all who were involved in the plan, that every group was vigorously represented. From the president of the Staff Council, to the president of the Faculty Senate, to the student leaders, and many others, we have been engaged in a spirited debate about providing as much compensation as possible. At the conclusion of the debate, the BOR was faced with many more legitimate requests than they could possibly fund. Ultimately, they tried, with the help of the student leaders, to provide as much compensation as possible to address the national market pressures on faculty, and to provide a little relief to staff by completing the 1 percent increase, which was not completely funded by the state, and to add the $1,000 one-time payment. The ultimate compensation increase was not as large as we had originally requested; financial pressures from medical insurance, benefits, external market forces, and extracurricular activities limited the compensation pool. After four years of no compensation, this is but a small step toward addressing your concerns. If we are successful in our strategy to increase student retention and graduation, we will have more leverage with the state for better compensation as the general state of the economy improves.


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