Perceptions of Healthy Eating Among Hispanic Parent-Child Dyads.

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Limited research exists exploring the perceptions of healthy and unhealthy eating among Hispanic families, yet understanding their perceptions could inform public health practice with regard to nutrition and obesity prevention. This study conducted an exploratory analysis of interview data collected from 25 parent-child dyads as part of a program evaluation to learn more about both parent and child beliefs and practices regarding healthy eating, and in particular fruit and vegetable consumption. Families described an incomplete knowledge regarding healthy eating, specifically how to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and the benefits of healthy eating as well as risks of unhealthy eating. Parents in particular seemed to identify many of the foods to avoid but were unclear about healthier alternatives. Children focused more on the benefits of healthy eating, while parents spoke more about the risks of unhealthy eating and the challenges of eating vegetables, particularly among families where child weight was also raised as a concern.