The Validity of a Proxy Acculturation Scale Among U.S. Hispanics

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This study examines the validity of a proxy acculturation scale composed of four acculturation-related variables. The authors use data from a nationally representative sample of 1,437 U.S. Hispanics. Results indicate good internal scale reliability, a high degree of correlation between the proxy scale and the full acculturation measure, and substantial agreement between dichotomized versions of the two scales. Although reliability declines slightly, validity increases with removal of generational status from the scale. Validity is found to be high for the three largest subpopulations by country of ancestry (Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba). The proxy acculturation scale is a useful tool for the measurement of acculturation level among the majority of U.S. Hispanics when use of a more comprehensive acculturation scale is infeasible or impractical.