Home Visiting: Implementing Systems Strategies for Increasing Home Visiting Referrals

Project Director: Theresa H. Cruz, PhD

Project Contact: Leona Woelk, MA

Home visiting is a service that works with pregnant women and young families to ensure that they have the necessary resources and skills to raise healthy children who are ready to learn. Several home visiting programs have an evidence base demonstrating success in areas including child health; maternal health; school readiness and child development; reduction in child maltreatment; positive parenting practices; and facilitating family economic self-sufficiency.

The overarching goal of this research study, funded by the Thornburg Foundation, is to increase the number of individuals being referred to home visiting programs by their healthcare providers. During the first year (2016-2017) the study had two aims: to assess barriers and facilitators related to provider referrals to home visiting programs in Bernalillo County; and, to use the assessment information to develop intervention strategies that could be used to encourage providers to refer pregnant women and new parents to home visiting programs. During the second year of funding (2016-2017) the UNM PRC will work with community partners to implement systems level recommendations resulting from the first year research.

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