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It was the purpose of this study at the outset:

(1) To examine the administrative practices of the organization, together with the economic, social, and political forces influencing structure and services; and

(2) To evaluate the agency's administrative experience as a joint federal-state program and as an independently state-administered system.

These two major objectives have been achieved only in part. Comprehensive and precise information concerning the agency's operational pattern, as well as determining factors within and without the organization, were not available at this time. Nor was it possible in this study to secure sufficient data to determine the federal-state relationship that existed prior to the creation of a state administered service.

One of the basic questions that emerges from this study is the manner in which a state government takes advantage of a special opportunity to serve as an "experimental laboratory" in the development of policies and administrative procedures. Such an evaluation of the New Mexico Employment Security Commission will not be valid until more data have been made available to research students or until research has been undertaken by experienced and expert administrators.

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