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Spring 5-28-1957


Politics is a great game of sorts no matter where it is played. In New Mexico it is played in the open. Very little skullduggery is totally hidden from view. And it is not a superior press which keeps it this way. It is the general interest of New Mexicans in their politics. New Mexicans are not bored with politics. Perhaps because men are so sparse they each feel they have a greater voice in government. Perhaps the Spanish and Mexican heritage has much to do with it. In colonial and territorial days the governor was an import, but subordinate chiefs were natives and they vied fiercely for the privilege and the honor of being an official. But whatever the cause, this much is certain, politics plays a large part in the lives of most citizens.

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Political Science

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Political Science

First Committee Member (Chair)

Charles Burnet Judah

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Frederick Clarence Irion

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Howard Johnstone McMurray




Bernalillo County, Candidate Recruitment, State Legislation, Legislative Candidates, Voting

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