Legacy Data from Astronomical Observations [dataset]

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This data set consists of a series of sweeps from a linear array of charge couple device (CCD) receptors from a stationary telescope near Albuquerque NM. The data was recorded between 1984 and 1989.


This half-terabyte data set is comprised of four thousand plus files and primarily includes astronomical Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) raster images captured between 1984 and 1989 using an array of CCD cameras in the Albuquerque area. FITS data was captured using two different tape formats, with the only distinction being the size limitations of the files. Star positions were calculated using the included open source ‘sucac2’ (http://tdc-www.harvard.edu/wcstools/scat/sucac2.html) software code to match FITS data to entries in the US Naval Observatory UCAC2 Catalog. Many applications for viewing and analyzing FITS files are freely available. For more information, visit http://fits.gsfc.nasa.gov/fits_viewer.html.