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Spring 3-7-1962


In present day experiments in Atmospheric Physics, information from the experiment is sometimes telemetered to observers located at positions remote from the apparatus. To obtain data from the stratosphere an instrument package may be sent aloft suspended from balloons. It is often desirable to know the azimuthal orientation of the instrument package.

To achieve this purpose a rotating ring magnetometer has been developed at the University of New Mexico to measure azimuthal orientation using the earth's magnetic field for a reference. This is sufficient for many purposes. However, due to the wind currents the package suspended beneath the balloon may be tilted an appreciable angle against the vertical. If this is so the magnetometer may give a false direction in reading.

This can be corrected for if the amount of and the direction of the tilt are known. The object of this investigation was the design and construction of a device, hereafter called an inclinometer, which would measure the tilt of an instrument package and the azimuthal direction of the tilt with respect to the orientation of the instrument.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Roy Thomas

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John Root Green




Atmospheric Physics, Inclinometer

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