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Summer 6-1-1961


The problem posed for this thesis is one of determining a method of calibrating a photomultiplier tube when it is contained in an orbiting instrumentation package. Since it is planned for the satellite to remain in orbit for about two years, a method to determine drift of the telemetered output versus the selected radiation input would be very desirable. This drift could arise from changes in the power supplied to the system, or by the telemetering or logic circuits changing characteristics from exposure to cosmic radiation. The situation requires that light of constant intensity be produced in the "field of vision" to the photomultiplier tube. The information contributed by this light source is then telemetered on demand to receiving stations where it is analyzed along with other relevant data.

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Physics & Astronomy

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Christopher Pratt Leavitt

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John Root Green


Photomultiplier Tube, Organic Scintillator Theory, Bragg Ionization Curve

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