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Growing awareness of the interdependence of North and South American cultures, economically, politically and idealogically, makes it imperative that North Americans increase their understanding of the culture history and philosophies of South American countries. Then importance of the role of Brazilian philosophers in reflecting cultural developments has been too long neglected by North American philosophers. Since very little has been written in English about the philosophical environment in Brazil, a need exists for filling this gap. My own combination of abilities, an interest in philosophy and some facility with Portuguese and Spanish, makes the undertaking of the present project a fitting one. Acknowledgement of indebtedness is due the following. First, I owe to my wife, Justina da C.B Gnagy, appreciation for her initial awakening in my mind of an interest in Lusco-Brazilian thought and for her continuing encouragement of my endeavors; to her I dedicate this dissertation. My thanks are due also to Professor Luis Washington Vita, Professor Cruz Costa, and Dr. Ivan Lins for their good will in supplying some helpful works. I also wish to thank Dr. Hubert G. Alexander, Dr. Archie J. Bahm, and Dr. James A. Snedden for their constant guidance and helpful suggestions during the writing of this work. All translations of quotations from Portuguese, Spanish and Italian authors are my own.

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