Feasibility of a self-paced educational intervention protocol on standardized assessment of public buildings accessibility

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Limited research informs the implementation of web-based and mobile learning (mLearning) protocols for the assessment of public building accessibility in occupational therapy graduate students. This study tested the feasibility of a self-paced protocol designed to teach students how to evaluate community environment accessibility. Students across five sites completed an online learning module and community building evaluations. Students were randomized into lecture or lab educational groups and then crossed over to receive the second experience. Outcomes were student satisfaction, self-perceived learning, and knowledge on a researcher-developed measure. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Two hundred and twelve students completed the study. The students were satisfied with their education and their community accessibility knowledge significantly increased from approximately 60% to 85%. Site and order of the learning components did not impact student ability to achieve competence. This multi-site approach is feasible and effective in instructing students in this highly protocolized and specialized area of practice.