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I was appointed interim Vice President for Research in May '08 and, thanks to your strong support, was namedVPRin January '09. It has been a difficult and challenging year, but despite the stresses of the past year, I can sincerely state that I remain honored to be your VPR. Many of you have responded to changes in the research office with new energy for submission of proposals and development of new collaborations and programs. As you will read in this report, your efforts are paying off and we are poised to have a record setting year. I realize, however, that there remains much work to do before we have a research office structure and budget process that provides the leadership and support for faculty research that I envision. Be assured that I am permanently committed to the four critical priorities that I explained in the Town Hall in September H08: Excellence in faculty research Facilitating faculty-driven research initiatives Integration of research and education Transparency in decision-making


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