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The aim of this dissertation is to discuss the theoretical and experimental work recently done with the Locking of Optical Coherence via Single-detector Electronic-frequency Tagging (LOCSET) phase locking technique developed and employed here are AFRL. The primary objectives of this effort are to detail the fundamental operation of the LOCSET phase locking technique, recognize the conditions in which the LOCSET control electronics optimally operate, demonstrate LOCSET phase locking with higher channel counts than ever before, and extend the LOCSET technique to correct for low order, atmospherically induced, phase aberrations introduced to the output of a tiled array of coherently combinable beams. The experimental work performed for this effort resulted in the coherent combination of 32 low power optical beams operating with unprecedented LOCSET phase error performance of λ/71 RMS in a local loop beam combination configuration. The LOCSET phase locking technique was also successfully extended, for the first time, into an Object In the Loop (OIL) configuration by utilizing light scattered off of a remote object as the optical return signal for the LOCSET phase control electronics. Said LOCSET-OIL technique is capable of correcting for low order phase aberrations caused by atmospheric turbulence disturbances applied across a tiled array output.

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Optical Science and Engineering

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Optical Science and Engineering

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Christodoulou, Christos

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Shay, Thomas

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Lester, Luke

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Diels, Jean-Claude


Air Force Research Labs

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