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A method of improving the output power of a 177W narrow linewidth polarization maintaining ytterbium doped fiber amplifier is explored. The limiting factor, Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS), is suppressed with a single-step temperature gradient. A similar fiber amplifier to the 177W amplifier is constructed and tested at various temperatures from 90C to -120C. The Brillouin frequency is observed to shift with temperature and the Brillouin spectrum splits into two peaks. These peaks correspond to the two temperatures that the fiber amplifier is exposed to and the separation between the peaks determines how strong the SBS suppression will be. Results of the experiment show that output power could be increased to as much as 300W with a temperature gradient of 90C.

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Optical Science and Engineering

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Optical Science and Engineering

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Rudolph, Wolfgang

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Newell, Timothy

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Balakrishnan, Ganesh

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Thomas, James

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