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How do undergraduate research programs act as effective agents of perspective transformation among underrepresented students? El Puente Fellows is an undergraduate research program that provides a space where underrepresented students are transformed. Its structure is designed to counter the negative Master Narrative at play for first generation, low income, and minority students in higher education. This study looked at the extent to which perspective transformative experiences were at play and guided students to greater academic, personal and professional goals in El Puente. Participants reported to be empowered as a result of the program and have higher levels of self-confidence regarding their education and future careers. The study also supports undergraduate research as a tool for transformative learning leading to the retention, graduation and transition of underrepresented students.

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Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology

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Organization, Information & Learning Sciences

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Lopez-Chavez, Celia

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Grassberger, Robert




Transformational, undergraduate research, minority, Students, Master Narrative

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