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Fall 11-10-2016


Humor is a ubiquitous experience that facilitates learning, social coordination and wellbeing. This study examined how the faculty at the University of New Mexico used humor in its online courses. The process involved faculty interviews, a focus group of instructional online designers, questionnaires and documentation to collect data, and then used thematic analysis and code development to arrive at its findings. The study found that the humor pedagogy at the University of New Mexico has fallen into disuse for online courses because of (1) a hesitation (fear) to use humor, (2) fear of what students would think, and (3), hesitation (reluctance) to share or recommend humor usage to fellow faculty members. These findings hopefully will energize the university to reintroduce the humor pedagogy back into its learning sciences curriculum.

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Organization, Information and Learning Sciences

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Organization, Information & Learning Sciences

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Dr. Patricia Boverie

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Dr. Sung P. Kang

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Dr. Nick V. Flor

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Dr. Rebecca Adams




Humor, education, student learning, communication, online courses

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