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This qualitative research investigation was designed to understand the transformational learning experiences among Latinas in academia and how these experiences affect their academic experience and teaching styles. Specifically, the following research questions were addressed: (1) How do Latinas that reach a tenure status interpret their journey and experiences within academia? (2) How do they describe organizational culture in which they work and teach? (3) What types of leadership skills do they possess? (4) How do they describe their experiences in relation to their larger community? Latina women that have reached a tenure status are extremely committed to improving the plight of the marginalized, are dedicated to changing the organization, encourage diversity, and promote social change. Despite the challenging journey through academia, the Latina women displayed a resilient attitude, and described the process as truly transformative. Their experiences provided them with skills to subvert sub-oppressive tactics and to challenge the system to instill fair and equitable educational practices. Negative perceptions of women of color in academia continue to prevail and universities continue to reify socially constructed race and gender theories. Diversity programs have a large impact on student outcomes and success but are subject to budget cuts. A review of the admissions criteria and the long-term impact and benefit of diversity programs are recommended, as well as an analysis of the relationships among academic leaders and the impact on educational policy.

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Hispanic American women in the professions--Psychological aspects, Hispanic American women in the professions--Social aspects, Women in higher education--Attitudes, College teachers--Tenure--Psychological aspects, College teachers--Tenure--Social aspects, Achievement motivation in women

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