Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


KPIs in logistics are key indicators to measure the evolution of the company and execute continuous improvement actions. This series of data, ratios, and percentages constitute a solid base on which to support our decision-making to achieve logistical excellence, by identifying with greater accuracy the opportunities for improvement to know the problem areas on time and understand the low yields. To ensure that the KPIs fulfill the purpose of generating a practical tool for all logistics professionals who wish to effectively control each of the operations that are implicit in the processes, their integration with the dashboards is necessary. This integration makes it possible to reflect through the graphic representation the KPIs involved in achieving the objectives of a strategy proposed by the company. In addition, this study allows an analysis through neutrosophic statistics and TOPSIS analysis to determine the factors that affect the delivery of products to the customer and determine the possible alternatives based on the use of the logistics KPIs integrated into the dashboard.


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