Neutrosophic Sets and Systems


Stress is an inevitable way of adapting each individual to the challenges of the surrounding environment. When the adaptation is done in a negative way and produces physiological or psychological imbalances in the person, then stress is called distress. However, stress is not always harmful to the person, there is stress in situations of joy or happiness, which is known by eustress. In the work environment, distress can cause physical and mental health problems for workers and therefore damage to the dynamics of the job. This paper aims to propose an index of occupational stress measurement based on the Integrative Model Focused on Personality and the Neutrosophical Psychology Theory. The Integrative Model Focused on Personality considers personality as the result of a combination of dynamically interacting elements, while Neutrosophical Psychology understands personality traits as a triad (, , ), where A is a personality trait, antiA is its opposite, and the trait manifests itself in each person in an intermediate way between and , where is an intermediate state of indeterminacy, where it is neither A nor antiA. Particularly, we explicitly consider the case in which the individual is identified in an intermediate state of stress and therefore has a risk to be conducted towards either the distress or the eustress.


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