Nanoscience and Microsystems ETDs

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Fall 11-12-2020


This thesis attempts to establish the groundwork for integrating a GaN nanowire into an AFM probe resulting in a universal atomic force microscope probe. Previous studies have shown GaN nanowires have stable mechanical properties, can be fabricated at scale with high aspect ratios and very smooth side walls, and have intrinsic lasing capabilities; however, mechanical and lasing capabilities have not yet been integrated into a single AFM probe. Here, we develop and analyze a suspended waveguide optical pumping concept that can be fabricated and applied to an AFM probe cantilever, unlocking full potential of GaN’s optical and mechanical properties as an AFM probe tip. We also develop a novel method and discover key insights into tuning the stress of SiO2 suspended films without effecting refractive index, a process step that is critical to the fabrication of the universal AFM probe and applicable to other applications such as distributed Bragg reflectors.


GaN, Waveguide, AFM, Stress, Silicon Dioxide, Thin Film

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Nanoscience and Microsystems

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Nanoscience and Microsystems

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Dr. Tito Busani

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Dr. Alejandro Manjavacas

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Dr. Nathan Jackson