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Summer 7-15-2017


The behavior of charged interfaces formed in various systems like colloidal solution, fuel cells, battery, electro-deposition, catalysis is governed by the properties of electrical double layer(EDL). Civilized model with charge regulation boundary condition determined by thermodynamic equilibrium at the interface has been used to model electrical double layer and shows that size of the solvent plays a critical role in characterizing the properties of EDL using classical density functional theory.This thesis investigates the impact of ion size in electrolyte solutions on the electrical double layer formed at the interface using a similar model. It is found that ion size greatly enhances the wall and bulk interactions for a ternary Lennard-Jones fluid system consisting of solvent, potential determining ion, positive and negative ion with a negatively charged interface. The surface charge and charge at shear plane are very sensitive to the size of positive ion compared to that of negative ion for a negatively charged wall.


electrical double layer, size effects, ion size, charge regulation, surface charge, shear plane

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Nanoscience and Microsystems

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Nanoscience and Microsystems

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Dimiter N Petsev

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Frank van Swol

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