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Asta-Ja USA and Asta-Ja RDC published the book “Issues and Perspective on the Covid-19 and Nepal” in December 2020. Edited by Basu Sharma and Ambika P. Adhikari, the book contains 12 papers by 17 authors. The 173-page book is a part of Asta-Ja’s Occasional Paper Series and addresses some of the key impacts of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Nepal, and proposes some policy recommendations to mitigate those impacts. The book covers the areas of how agriculture, food production, employment, urban planning, economy, public health and research activities are impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The authors review the pandemic’s impact in Nepal, analyze various scenarios brought about by the pandemics in these areas, and also suggest mitigation measures and policy recommendations.

In the papers, the authors have attempted to capture the micro and macro effects and analyze evolving future where things also can become better if appropriate policy and program interventions are carried out by the government and private sector. Recommendations coming out of these well-researched and well thought-through papers should add significantly to the public policy space in Nepal. Similarly, this book can also be a useful reference to those researchers, professionals and students, who are interested to review the impacts of the Covid-19 in Nepal, and explore possible solutions to help Nepal face the impacts of the pandemic.

The volume was published in a short time period to be of value to the individuals interested in reviewing the dynamics of the situation brought about by the Covid-19 in Nepal. For this purpose, the editors and publishers had to shrink the time period to collect, review and compile the papers to publish this document. The nature of the current pandemic is such that people will need to learn as they go forward. The editors and Asta-Ja believes that this volume will provide some good reference in this dynamic and fast-changing situation.

Asta-Ja occasional series publications are designed to discuss contemporary issues related to agriculture, environment, infrastructure and planning that relate to economic development particularly in developing countries.




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