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Rapid rise of bed level near Lothar Khola Highway Bridge was noticed in the recent past. According to the local people nearly 7 m of river bed level was raised between 2003 and 2006, rendering the area into a hazardous zone - high risk of floods and land aggradations. Substantial arable terraces in the foothills are converted into non-arable terraces where marginalized people including Chepangs are largely residing. This situation is exacerbated by ever increasing impacts of climate change. The proposed concept intends to address critical hazards of Lothar Khola watershed as a whole and also sufferings faced by the local community due to: i) rapid rise of bed level in Lothar Khola near Highway Bridge ii) lack of alternative income generation opportunity for the target group iii) increasing threats of natural disasters to the inhabitants of Lothar Khola watershed particularly residing along the banks of river and iv) ever deteriorating environment of Lothar Khola watershed. A cost benefit analysis is being carried out which clearly depicts a Net Profit to CGBG at NRs. 299611125.00 with Net Income per Household NRs. 105127.00 per Annum. Further the concept would establish CGBG that provides tangible benefits to the Chepang Community as an alternative to slash-burn cultivation for their sustenance livelihood. Further it will also provide benefits to local people residing around the Lothar Khola Bridge. It is anticipated that it will take a year to establish the CGBG. Two more years will be required for one complete cycle of operation.