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Even though Nepal has relatively fewer Covid-19 cases as of 24 September 2020 (about 70,000 cases and more than 450 deaths), the numbers are on the rise. If this trend continues for a while, the likely consequences of the Pandemic would be no less severe than elsewhere. Further, Nepal’s next-door neighbor India is now experiencing a rapid rise in the virus infection rate and virus-related death toll. In fact, as of 24 September, 2020, India is seeing some about six million total Covid-19 cases, and more than 92,000 deaths. As India and Nepal have open borders, and as India is the only viable land connection for Nepal to the outside world, cross border transmission of the diseases is inevitable.

Nonetheless, we assume that the disease will eventually be managed successfully either through vaccination, anti-viral drugs, and the development of herd immunity in the population or a combination thereof. When Nepal, like many other countries, slowly emerges from the lockdowns and the viral disease burden as the Covid-19 pandemic begins to recede, one crucial problem for the government, policy makers and businesses will be to figure out ways to mitigate and reverse its negative effects to bring the country back to a normal situation.


Asta-Ja, USA