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The call of our time is to safeguard the accomplishments of the 1990 Peoples Movement, to restore sovereignty to the people, and to work towards the middle ground to resolve the nation's core problems. History teaches us that recognizing, adopting and adhering to the middle path takes much vision and courage. The natural instinct is to stick to one's own interpretation of the world (usually based on narrow self-interest) and to shun ideas and individuals that require a moderation of one's views. However, success in politics and statecraft, more so than in any other area of human affairs, is hinged to the middle ground in a way that ultimately requires friend and foe to migrate sufficiently towards each other so that the peoples' business can move forward and flourish. We urge all political forces in Nepal to recognize that great achievements in the affairs of nations come about when leaders practice the art of compromise. There is no dishonor for Nepal's monarch and political leaders if they follow the path of the likes of Gandhi, Nehru and Mandela.'


Nepal Study Center, University of New Mexico