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Long Runge Educational Planning. The Annual Administrative Conference join tly sponsored by the tate Department of Education, the New Mexico School Administrators, New Mexico School Board Association, the New Mexico Program for Educational Leadership and the American Institute of Architects will hold its meeting July 6th and 7th at weeney gymnasium, Santa Fe. Registration will open at 8:30 A.M. on the morning of July 6th. Individual session meeting will consider such problems as "City and Regional Planning Related to School Plants" , "A School for Johnny" and "Criteria for the Selection of an Architect" . Information concerning the program may be obtained from the President, New Mexico Chapter , A.I.A.

Apex 2- Workshop of Living Design will present ten week's program of varied design experiences which will be conducted by such figures as Richard Neutra, Buckminster Fuller , Harry Bertoia , David Siquieros, Joseph and Anni Albers and Maria of San Ildefonso. The session will begin on June 17th and will conclude on August 27th. Information concerning fees and others aspects of the program may be obtained by writing M.G. Barr, Terraceview Manor , Boulder , Colorado.

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