The 1976 Women in New Mexico Exhibit by the American Association of University Women - New Mexico



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This show recognizes the significant contributions made by the women of New Mexico throughout the years.

It was apparent from the beginning of this project, by the Albuquerque Branch, American Association of University women, that there were, and are, far too many notable women to document in one exhibit. A careful selection process, based on ordered criteria, progressively narrowed the field, originally composed of more than 150 names.

Names of many New Mexico women were suggested for this unique exhibit. Those selected met these criteria: the individual woman's contribution to her era and to future lifestyles and attitudes; documentation availability; the magnitude, volume and quality of her works; innovativeness; New Mexico residency during major productive period; and availability of artifacts and "products" -- those things physically created by the woman as well as intangible qualities, i.e., a change of public attitude.

At the end of six months, 13 names were selected for the show. Each represents a different area of endeavor. Each embodies a distinctive part of the life and history of our state. Viewed as a whole, they are a veritable patchwork of colorful contributions.

My sincere thanks to Museum of Albuquerque curator, Peter Bilan, for his guidance in research effort, and to the many members of the Albuquerque Branch, AAUW, who worked nearly a year documenting the show, acquiring the artifacts, and assisting with the staging.

Nancy C. Benson
Museum Project Coordinator

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