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Written for a concert of works by Mauldin and George Willink on the Corrales Concert Series, Corrales NM. Premiered by Mauldin, April 18, 1993, San Ysidro Church, Corrales NM. Corrales is near the historic route from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. The first nocturne is warm and singing. It recalls evening gatherings and concerts in the “city different.” Corrales is located in the bosque, the gallery-forest in the flood-plain of the Rio Grande. The bosque at night can be a “spooky” place.

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Santa Fe (1:59), The Bosque (2:03)


Two late-intermediate to advanced piano character pieces

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The complete tracks (from the CD "Love Without a Name: Music I Wrote for My Students") can be purchased at


M Mauldin


piano solos, character pieces, nocturnes, New Mexico

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20 Two New Mexico Nocturnes- Santa Fe.mp3 (2846 kB)
Santa Fe Nocturne

21 Two New Mexico Nocturnes- The Bosque.mp3 (2927 kB)
The Bosque Nocturne