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18 Interludes in Common Keys, Interludes in Common Keys


Alan Stringer

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Digitized with funding from the Center for Regional Studies.


Copy of the original manuscript. Movements are as followed: Keys I. Chime Interludes (1. Interlude on "Martyn" 2. Interlude on "St. Denio" (or "Joanna")) II. Fanfares ( 1. Fanfare on "Coronation" 2. Fanfare on "Festal Song" 3. Trumpet Call) III. Ground Rounds (1. Ground on "David's Lament" 2. Ground on "I Never Felt Such Love in my Soul Before'" 3. Ground on "Ye Nations of the Earth") IV. Interludes Based on hymn Tunes 9 1. Fanfare on "Coronation" (All Hail the power of Jusus' Name) 2. Fanfare on "Festal Song" (Rise Up, O Men of God) 3. Interlude on "Italian Hymn" (Come, Thou Almighty King) 4. Interlude on "Martyn" (Jesus, Lover of My Soul) 5. Interlude on "St. Denio" (or Joanna") (or "Joanna") (Immortal, Invisible) 5. Interlude on "Windsor" 6. Plain Song (Christ ist erstanden) (Christ the Lord is Risen Again) 7. Toccatina on "Silent Night)) V. Interludes for Christmas ( 1. Neol "Melchior et Balthazar) 2. Tambourin 3. Toccatina on "Silent Night")) VI. Interlude for Easter (Plain Song (Christ ist erstanden) (Christ the Lord is Risen Again)) VII. Melodic Interludes (In C Major, Cminor, F a major) VIII. Moto Perpetuo




Organ music, Hymns -- Instrumental settings

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Musical Score