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I've always been impressed with young people who seem to accept early in life the fact that true pleasure comes when we give of ourselves, and when we discipline and test ourselves. Whether it's a music student giving the very best of himself to an audience that he doesn't even know, or a soldier risking life and limb for countrymen he has not met, the gift--especially from one whose life is just forming--is extraordinary. 'Tribute to a Young Soldier' celebrates the gift with pomp and gallantry. There are only distant rumbles of turmoil and sadness. For contrast, the 'B' section flashes back to young man or woman in childhood, a reminder that, for all our conditioning and skills, we are--as we should be--still capable of awe, tenderness and delight. Those child-like qualities are some of the very goals of the 'pursuit of happiness' that we reserve the right to fight for.


Digitized with funding from the Center for Regional Studies.


Commissioned by the New Mexico Military Institute, in celebration of its centennial and for the Roswell Symphony Orchestra, John Farrer, music director, which premiered it October 12, 1991 in Roswell, NM. Instrumentation: picc, 2222, bass cl, 4331, 2 perc, timp, harp, strgs. ASCAP Title Code: 500460040. Date Composed: 1991. Duration: 11:00 Score/Parts: M Mauldin (manuscript).




Michael Mauldin


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