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My close friend Robert Seufert once wrote, 'I too am a Native-born American and claim as my birthright the meaning of this continent. Only when I understand it in my bones, and understand it much further back than the arrival of Columbus, can I hope to be no longer a European transplant on these shores, but an American.' I think Bob found some of the meaning he was seeking when he wrote the poem, 'Shaman's Power-Song.' He 'got inside the bones' of an American Indian Shaman--perhaps an Anasazi--at the moment of calling on the powers that are needed to heal and to serve as a spiritual leader. The multi-metric swirling of the energy of these powers in the flute and the piano contrasts with the earthy steadiness of the singer.


Digitized with funding from the Center for Regional Studies.


. For the Santa Fe Trio--Donna McRae, Frank Bowen, Rita Angel--Bowen passed away before a premiere. The first performance was by soprano Donna McRae, flutist Gwen Powell and pianist Arlette Felberg in Corrales, NM in 1998. The text is by the composer's good friend, Robert Seufert. ASCAP Title Code: 491600881. Date Composed: 1989. Copyright: 1990 M Mauldin. Duration: 4:45. Score/Parts: M Mauldin (manuscript)., For soprano voice with flute and piano.




Michael Mauldin


Songs (High voice) with instrumental ensemble -- Scores and parts

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