Juana Lyon

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The first National Indian Conference on Aging was sponsored by the National Tribal Chairmen's Association (NTCA) in Phoenix, AZ on June 15-17, 1976. Close to 1,500 American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people representing 171 tribes came together to speak of their needs and present recommendations for action to improve the quality of their lives. The immediate goal of the conference was a coordinated approach to the promotion of effective and adequate services needed by the American Indian elderly by combining input from the Indian community with that of service providers. The long-range goal was an improved standard of life for the Indian elderly according to culturally-based needs. Conference participants provided recommendations on elders and 1) income; 2) nursing homes 3) housing; 4) transportation; 5) legal problems; 6) health; 7) mental health and 8) nutrition. The report also provides highlights of conference planning, implementation and evaluation. Responses of Federal agencies to the conference recommendations are provided. Various statistical and organizational reports on Indian elders are summarized. Supplemental information on Indian elders by area are also provided.

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National Tribal Chairmen's Association, Washington, DC.