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The major goal of Phase II of this study was to collect and analyze much-needed descriptive, demographic, social, cultural, and clinical information about women receiving treatment in alcohol and substance abuse treatment centers funded in whole or in part by the Indian Health Service. This evaluation provides both qualitative and quantitative information about a group of women who have been traditionally underrepresented in research. The themes and variations that emerged from the evaluation show that the life conditions of the women studied are extreme. For many, adverse or abusive childhood experiences and conditions have carried through into adulthood. The vast majority of women were exposed to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse during their childhood and adult lives. The availability of women-centered, family-focused approaches to alcohol and other drug treatment is severely limited in the United States. The leading obstacle to treatment for women with children is the lack of adequate care for their children while they are in treatment.

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Indian Health Service, Office of Public Health, Staff Office of Planning, Evaluation and Research, Rockville, MD.