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This monograph delineates cancer mortality rates among American Indians among and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) within different regions served by the IHS.This monograph looked at only those Native American deaths between 1989-1993 in which the underlying cause of death was cancer. The IHS obtains the National Center for Health Statistics mortality data tapes for persons listed as Native American. To help control for fluctuation in rates that occur when there is a relatively small population and a small number of deaths, five years of data were examined. Data were examined for all cancer deaths combined as well as for specific types of cancer. Average annual age-adjusted mortality rates were calculated using the cumulative 1989 to 1993 estimated population for each IHS Area.Statistical and numerical data are provided in a series of tables and charts.The table and charts depict the IHS administrative areas, the estimated service population for each area, and the mortality from 1989 to 1993. Comparisons are made to the general U.S. population.The intention of this publication is to provide detailed information about the impact of cancer in Native American people. In order to better understand the extent of cancer among American Indians in the U.S., collaborative efforts between the IHS, SEER, and state-based tumor registries need to be further developed.

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