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The 1986 National Mortality Followback Survey (NMFS) was conducted by the National Center for Health Statistic (NCHS) to provide information on characteristics which may be related to mortality, but which is not collected on death certificates. This information includes such things as lifestyle characteristics, presence of health conditions, care received in the last year of life, and certain demographic characteristics. The NMFS has provided the Indian Health Service (IHS) with an important opportunity - that of estimating the extent of race misclassification of American Indian deaths on State death certificates. The extent of such reporting has remained unmeasured. The recent emergence of new data sources such as the Linked Birth/Infant Death file and the National Death Index file, in addition to the NMFS, makes it possible to begin measuring the extent of racial misclassification and underreporting for American Indians on state death certificates. This report includes data for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Throughout the report, the term ""Indian"" is used to represent this entire racial classification.

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Indian Health Service, Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Research, Rockville, MD 20857.