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This publication, the first annual report documenting comprehensive evaluation efforts across all the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies and offices, evaluates the success of the Department's program in basic and applied science, public health, income support, child and adolescent development, the financing of health and social services, and regulation. Individual, family, and community health is measured against a standard of well being that includes the capacity and resources to enjoy a fulfilling and productive life. Program evaluations were conducted using various methods. The data collected was used to assess needs, priorities, and opportunities in safeguarding the nation's health and welfare. HHS evaluations are used in planning, budgeting, and developing legislation to help reduce costs and improve coordination of services while maintaining quality of care. The report has three audiences: 1) decision makers who need information on program results across the broad spectrum of health and human service activities; 2) program managers who want to know how other service programs are operating and how performance can be improved; and 3) the community of researchers, advocates, and practitioners who will use the program information and evaluation tools. Program Performance 1996 is organized into three chapters. Chapter I describes the organization of HHS evaluations - its activities, funding, planning, management, and future direction. Chapter II highlights the results from 11 fiscal 1995 evaluations selected for their potential application by the health and human service community. Chapter III presents the evaluation activities of the 11 HHS agencies and the Office of the Secretary, including information on their evaluation programs, evaluations completed in fiscal 1995, evaluations in progress, and future direction. A complete inventory of the 148 HHS evaluation projects completed in fiscal 1995 is provided, and the HHS agency projects then currently in progress are listed.

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.